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So What's this All About?

While on maternity leave with my son, I noticed that I was always the one taking the pictures of great memories or diving for my phone while my kid did something cute, new or just plain awesome, all the while hoping that Noah was still doing that thing by the time I could grab a shot. 

Then came the next stage, bargaining with my husband Greg to “take a picture so I’m in it too!” Selfies? Lets be honest, how many more of those do you really want on your phone. 

Even worse then that I’ve completely missed out on capturing a memory because I couldn’t get a camera into my hands, or even someone else’s: I’m looking at you first time I got to hold my son! 

It’s just so frustrating!

Between all the naps, playdates, appointments, fun activities, book reading, mealtimes, bedtimes and just all around scheduling you’ve probably almost given up on being in any half decent photo with your kids doing all those everyday things you want to remember.

I got your back lady!

Me and my camera? Well we’re ready to hang out with you, your partner, kiddos and the cats too. We want to help you document whatever stage your family is at right now, in your own home, doing the things your tribe loves to do.



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